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A Digital Assets Management Platform for the distributed economy

ICONOMI is a fintech start-up company, developing a blockchain-based ICONOMI digital asset management platform. Using Ethereum smart contracts, we started value token services in a revolutionary way. From the beginning, we have been building a different kind of company that connects people around the world through the latest disruptive ideas and provides them with a unique set of tools to take an active part in the distributed economy. ICONOMI's mission is to give everyone the chance to enter the world of digital assets and make the new economy more open and connected.


ICONOMI is a group of talented teammates with a variety of expertise and knowledge. Constantly working in an atmosphere of consideration, experimentation, and creation, strong values and relations are even more important to us. Since progress is never swift or easy, we support a sense of togetherness and diversity of perspectives.

Tim zagar

Tim M. Zagar

Co-founder & CEO

Jani valjavec

Jani Valjavec


Matej tomazin

Matej Tomazin


Miha vidmar

Miha Vidmar


Building trust through transparency: A proof of solvency was conducted by a Big Four professional services firm on April 5, 2018

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