A Digital Assets Management Platform for the distributed economy

ICONOMI is a fintech start-up company, developing a blockchain-based ICONOMI digital asset management platform. Using Ethereum smart contracts, we started value token services in a revolutionary way. From the beginning, we have been building a different kind of company that connects people around the world through the latest disruptive ideas and provides them with a unique set of tools to take an active part in the distributed economy. ICONOMI's mission is to give everyone the chance to enter the world of digital assets and make the new economy more open and connected.


ICONOMI is a group of talented teammates with a variety of expertise and knowledge. Constantly working in an atmosphere of consideration, experimentation, and creation, strong values and relations are even more important to us. Since progress is never neither swift nor easy, we support a sense of togetherness and diversity of perspectives.

Tim m zagar

Tim M. Zagar

Co-founder & CEO

Infatuation with technology and business is part of his DNA. Tim has a passion for establishing business models which are yet to find their place on the market. He started working full time on blockchain projects in 2013 with the goal of connecting the crypto field to the existing banking world. While out of the office, he spends his time riding any kind of board and enjoys travelling around the less popular parts of the world.

Jani valjavec

Jani Valjavec

Co-founder & CTO trading

Developer, thinker and doer. Truly fascinated with Bitcoin and Ethereum, Jani is always amazed by the New: New technologies, New places, New experiences. Cryptocurrencies were the “new” that sucked him in, as he formed a belief that they are a disruption which will enable unforeseen solutions for our society. Besides travelling in good company, he enjoys kiteboarding, snowboarding and any other adrenaline sport.

Zenel batagelj

Zenel Batagelj

Strategy Advisor

With an extensive background in branding and analytics Zenel is a regular speaker at all major marketing events in the region and globally. After discovering the blockchain ecosystem a few years ago, he became perplexed by the potential of the new technology. He is a culinary expert and most of all he enjoys a properly done steak.

Ervin u kovac

Ervin U. Kovac


When you combine passion for modern technology and a law degree, you end up exploring a lot of uncharted territory. Sometimes you strike gold, or, in Ervin’s case, Bitcoin and blockchain. As he is always on the hunt for new knowledge and experience he found himself in the middle of something extraordinary – ICONOMI. To offset the modern, there is his love for cars and everything with an internal combustion engine.

Gregor lah

Gregor Lah

CTO development

Gregor is a passionate and results-oriented individual. His modus operandi is to study the subject extensively to the last detail, then practice it till perfect. While in theory this is known to everyone, Gregor has the dedication and focus to see it through and he is always keen to share his knowledge with others (whether about rapid software development or bicycle racing).

Meta vrhnjak

Meta Vrhnjak

Special Operations Executive

Meta is a prefix from the Greek, indicating a concept which is an abstraction behind another concept. As the name insinuates, she always tries to look beyond the obvious - like, for example, how beautifully blockchain imitates life: what is done, cannot be undone. A craving for the unknown and a motivation for problem solving makes her a natural special operations executive, though she still believes control is a poor substitute for awareness.

Egidiju norkus

Egidijus Norkus

Product Owner

A professional Project Manager in waterfall (PMP certified) and agile (PMI-ACP certified) methodologies with more than 10 years of project management experience in the IT sector, managing large and international projects, managing project portfolio and consulting. When he is not empowering team members, he enjoys running, reading books, photography and spending time with his family.

Ales lekse

Ales Lekse

Development Lead

Ales has been writing software since he was a kid and been doing it for a living and for fun ever since. He excels in missing deadlines, and introducing interesting new bugs. At the office you can recognise him by having my earphones on. When he is not scribbling code, he enjoys hiking, watching movies and other sources of procrastination.

Domen skalar

Domen Skalar

Infrastructure Lead

Behind every big story there is always infrastructure that must work 24/7. While his colleagues live in the "clouds", his work is actually happening in the "Clouds". Most people find it boring, but in fact there are people in this world that like it, and he is one of them. His hobbies are work, mountain biking and road cycling.

Oskars vilitis

Oskars Vilitis

Senior Architect

A passionate squash player (several silver and gold prizes in the Latvian Open B league) and fan of mountains and nature, Oskars is our lead solutions system architect. He has more than 15 years experience in large scale IT projects (mainly in finance and insurance). In his spare time he enjoys reading literature ranging from the classics to 21st century works.

Andrej mihelic

Andrej Mihelic

UX & UI Product Designer

A diehard Star Wars fan and an avid trail runner, Andrej has been actively involved in all-mobile development for 16 years. He has specialised in user experience and graphic user interface design. He was heavily involved in developing high-quality mobile and desktop apps. And then came Cashila, his first experience with the blockchain. Bitcoin, ether, mining and the like are now part of his daily vocabulary.

Jan mohoric

Jan Mohoric


Firstly, he would describe himself as an enthusiastic developer. He started his business career as an iOS developer in an environment which enabled him to constantly upgrade his developing skills. Undertaking successful projects with great results in the past has encouraged him to work on overcoming new development challenges in the future. He likes spending his spare time in nature or doing any kind of sports.

Joze kosmerl

Joze Kosmerl


Jože is our backend developer. A graduate in Telecommunications Engineering, he develops for Cashila in Java and node.js, a stable, scalable and efficient software. Alongside this, he does various sports: crossfit, running and look out.. amateur fire performances and sword fighting.

Sava lazin

Sava Lazin


The team’s design, web and web technologies expert, who has more than four years experience working as a front-end developer. Sava is a specialist in HTML, CSS, JavaScript - he makes ideas become fully functional, as well as beautiful applications and presentations. When away from the computer, he likes to read books about psychology and management, and articles about military aircraft.

Nejc zupan

Nejc Zupan


Holding a Master’s degree in Economics and with over 5 years of experiences in marketing and sales, Nejc is fascinated with data analysis and the way it ensures that business intelligence is gathered, dismantled and implemented for market and product orientation. In his free time, he can be found in the company of good friends or...in front of his computer.

Klemen zagar

Klemen Zagar


Klemen is a highly skilled iOS developer with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. He loves both the technological and artistic sides of software engineering, always looking for the elegant and convenient solutions. He has built two iOS apps that were successfully launched through Kickstarter campaigns.

Peter jamnik

Peter Jamnik

Data Analyst

Peter started with the software business back in primary school and has already cofounded 2 different startups. He has been amazed by graph databases since high school and he is always trying to think up multiple ways of solving difficult problems through graphs. He believes that “graphs are everywhere”. In his free time, he likes to climb mountains and live on the edge.

Tjasa tolj

Tjasa Tolj

Customer Support

Intrigued by technological innovations and the desire to create new value through media, Tjasa’s interests have expanded from linguistics and copywriting to international and public relations. She writes stories, contributes creatively and enjoys working in an environment where content is created from its embryonic stage to its full-blown master stage. Her free time consists of purposeless walks and golf.

Gregor kobal

Gregor Kobal

Customer Support

From Commodore 64 and an introducer for ERP business management software, his path led to ICONOMI. Gregor is enthusiastic about new technologies and the crypto world, and due to his rich experience of working with clients he is part of the Customer Support team. He is also an expert in domestic organic gardening, and at least once a year he escapes with his family on a trip to some distant corner of the world.

Paraskevi karageorgu

Paraskevi Karageorgu

Customer Support

Our passionate film lover, Paraskevi is a member of the Communications team. Content writing, copyright, communications and the like are not new to her: she has been working as a journalist for the past year and is also conducting academic research into international business and marketing.