Digital Assets Arrays™

DAA (Digital Assets Arrays™) are comprised of various combinations of digital assets. Each manager can create his own assortment of specific digital assets and offer them to the community of supporters.

Benefits of DAA

Because DAA can consist of as many underlying digital assets as you want, they are a perfect vehicle to achieve your goals. DAA can be either diversified to maximise value stability, or fine tuned to aggressively pursue maximum gains.

Lower the risk of value loss

The new economy moves at lightning speed, so the value of digital assets can fluctuate rapidly. Making an array of several digital assets can lower the risk of a fall in value.

Maintain an optimal digital asset mix

Easy array adjustments enable constant reaction to the markets for optimal growth.

Attract supporters and share proceeds

Invite others to support your assets array and share proceeds.

ICNXFirst digital assets array

Do you believe in the potential of the distributed economy? ICNX makes it easy to simultaneously acquire multiple digital assets. A simple one-step purchase is divided between a selected array of digital assets representing 92% of new economy.

ICNX is the first passively managed Digital Assets Array™ and it can be acquired with just a few clicks. You benefit from a diverse investment and spread risk. The digital assets currently included represent 92% of the total market cap. Perfect for beginners and the more experienced.

Simple purchase

Avoid the hassle of buying multiple digital assets on multiple exchanges - purchase our cross section of digital assets within seconds and with just a few clicks.

Low entry barrier

Low fees and minimal thresholds for purchase make ICNX the best way to make an initial foray into the new economy.

Extra safe

The structure of the ICNX delivers diversification benefits and minimises risk.

1 week return /
1 month return /
Launch date 21 Dec 2016