Digital Asset Arrays (DAA) include various combinations of digital assets. Each manager can create his own assortment of specific digital assets and offer them to the community.

Benefits of Digital Asset Arrays

Because arrays can consist of as many underlying digital assets as you want, they are a perfect vehicle to achieve your goals. Arrays can be either diversified to maximise value stability or tuned to aggressively pursue maximum gains.

Lower the risk of value loss

The new economy moves at lightning speed, so the value of digital assets can fluctuate rapidly. Making an array of several digital assets can lower the risk of fall in value.

Maintain an optimal digital asset mix

Easy array adjustments enable constant reaction to the markets for optimal growth.

Attract supporters and share proceeds

Invite others to support your assets array and share proceeds.

ICONOMI.index is a passive digital assets array (DAA) developed from the ICONOMI cryptocurrencies index. It measures the performance of digital assets that meet the ICONOMI eligibility criteria and mimics the blockchain economy. The structure of the ICONOMI.index DAA delivers diversification benefits and minimises risk. The digital assets currently included in the index represent ~92% of the total market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies.

ICONOMI.index constituents and their corresponding weights are rebalanced on a monthly basis, or more frequently due to the fast changing environment of the cryptocurrency market. Between rebalancing periods, the weights of the index constituents move proportionally to their price movements. If the weight of a specific digital asset surpasses 25%, the index is immediately rebalanced.

ICONOMI.index is represented by ICNX app token. The methodology, rules, current structure and price of ICONOMI.index is published and updated every 5 minutes.