Your connection to the distributed economy

Create your own Digital Asset Arrays™ (DAA) from a wide variety of digital assets. Manage them and compare your performance with others. Attract supporters and make your mark in the new distributed economy.

Coming early 2017


ICONOMI Digital Asset Management platform is the only place where anyone can become a DAA manager. Try out your winning digital assets management strategy and compete with other DAA managers. Good performance will build your reputation and attract the digital assets of many supporters, from which you will earn a share of the proceeds.

Create your own DAA

Choose from a wide selection of distributed digital assets. Easily adjust your DAA for maximum performance.

Effectively manage your DAA

Optimise your DAA to outperform the competition and build your reputation among the community.

Share your DAA with supporters

Invite others to support your DAA and share the proceeds.

Showcase: ICONOMI.index

Do you believe in the potential of the distributed economy? ICONOMI.index makes it easy to simultaneously acquire multiple digital assets. A simple one-time purchase is divided among a selected array of digital assets representing 92% of new economy.

Simple purchase

It can be difficult to purchase and securely store a variety of digital assets. Avoid the hassle with ICONOMI.index - purchase an array of digital assets at the same time in just seconds.


There are hundreds of digital assets. Choosing the right representative digital assets to offer a good cross-section can be a challenge. ICONOMI.index represents a constantly adjusted cross-section of the new economy with the most potential.

Low entry barrier

Low fees and minimal thresholds for purchase make ICONOMI.index the best way to make an initial foray into the new economy.

Launch date
21 Dec 2016
No. of tokens in array
1 week return
1 month return


ICONOMI is more than just a marketplace for value tokens. The ICONOMI Digital Assets Management platform is an application that enables access to variety of digital assets and combined Digital Asset ArraysTM (DAA). ICONOMI provides DAA managers and their supporters the best experience and the simplest way to enter the rapidly growing distributed economy.